Creativity powered by Artificial Intelligence

We view Artificial Intelligence as a transformative force, one that redefines and supercharges any creative process. That’s why we developed PIRX, a framework designed to harness this powerful synergy.

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Agent-human collaboration

A custom developed, multidisciplinary set of AI copilots, assisting in creative and strategic agency processes.

AI prototyping

An environment for rapid concept testing, creating automation, and researching GenAI scenarios

The AI Prototype

Generating and testing creative solutions quickly has always been a challenge in the fast-paced, deadline-driven world. As dozens of new AI models appear every day, the ability to quickly check their capabilities, costs, and implementation time is crucial.

That's why we created the AI Prototype, the PIRX module based on low-code tools. It allows us to quickly integrate any services, create automations, and research GenAI in selected scenarios.

"Pirx was named after Pirx the Pilot, a literary hero who journeyed through the universe to explore the interactions between people and machines. We believe that this relationship develops through cooperation and dialogue.

Our conversational AI agents assist in research, brief analyses, and content creation, allowing us to focus on developing great ideas for our clients.”

How we use AI for our clients

Painting the future with AI for ING

We used AI to show people their imaginary vision of life in retirement in ING Bank’s “Future Me” financial products campaign.

Case Study