Future Me

Client: ING Poland

Visualizing your retirement with the power of AI


Only 20% of young Poles think about their life after retirement. This may seem natural, but when we consider that it is estimated that the retirement income in Poland for today's 20-year-olds will only be 25 percent of their last salary.

This is a unique situation compared to European countries. The only way to live with dignity is to save additional money in your retirement bank account.


"Future me": An AI-powered app that generates a personalized picture of you in retirement based on a description of your dreams and plans.

We used AI to show people their imaginary vision of life in retirement. All they had to do was take a photo and answer the question: What do you want to do in the future? Then artificial intelligence made the magic happen.

We combined several Generative AI algorithms into one app. One to create an aged version of photos, another to generate futuristic worlds based on user images. The other algorithm was used to enlarge images so they could be printed on canvas and sent as a reminder for the next decades that there is a future worth saving for.


  • 30 000+ personalized images generated
  • 55 000+ Reactions and comments
  • 13,2 mln people reached
  • 300% more ING retirement products sold
  • 1# considered bank for saving in Poland