The Art of Stealing

Client: Netflix


The „Lady with an Ermine” by Leonardo Da Vinci is the most valuable painting in the Polish collection. It was stolen during World War II and recovered in 2016 by Polish National Museum for a record amount of EUR 100 million!

To promote the upcoming second season of Lupin Netflix hit series anout the thief Arsene Lupin, we pulled a heist on the biggest Polish treasure.


We stole the Lady with an Ermine. We exhibited a fake painting in the National Museum where the lady had her famous necklace removed. The Lady without the necklace was also presented putside the museum to make sure everyone noticed. It took a few hours for media to pickup up the story. Everyone asked “who did it?” and the answer was right in front of their eyes. Outside the National Museum we put an out-of-home ad with Lupin, the thief famous for his weaknes for necklaces. The ad showed Luoin holding the necklace saying “Merci Madame”.


  • #1 Trending in Poland
  • 2,5 mln Reach
  • 10 000+ Engagment
  • 170 Mentions
  • 20 Media pickups
  • Awards CANNES 2022 – Gold Lion
    EPICA 2021 - Silver
    GOLDEN DRUM 2021 - Bronze
    KTR 2021- Bronze