The Futures Centre



Created in 2015 and powered by Forum for the Future, the Futures Centre is an open, participatory futures platform which helps track and make sense of change in order to create a more regenerative and just future.

By tracking trends and innovations and making sense of their implications, the Futures Centre helps navigate complexity in a non-linear, disruptive future and identify how to act on windows of opportunity that enable a just transition to a regenerative future.


UX Design


Who are
the FC’s target audiences?

Forum is primarily a B2B organisation, working closely with organisations, sectors and industries with potential to drive real change. The specific audience groups for the FC include:

  1. Forum for the Future strategists and programme leads
  2. External change influencers - particularly decision-makers within our key areas of programmatic work:
    • Senior decision makers in international businesses
    • Chief Sustainability Officers and Sustainability Managers in corporates
    • Sustainability professionals in NGOs, consultancies and government agencies
    • Change-makers, influencers and intrapreneurs
    • Trusts and foundations
    • Existing and potential/prospect Forum partners
  3. Signal contributors - a broad, geographically and professionally diverse group of people including students, futures practitioners, junior and mid-level strategists
  4. Sensemakers - (people doing the analysis and participating in virtual conversations) a much narrower cohort - including senior Forum stakeholders, futures and sustainability experts, university staff and research practitioners

and Insights

A signal of change is like a seed of a possible future. It can be any development, idea or innovation that points to a future possibility different to today’s norm. We are especially interested in signals that point to the possibility of significant systemic change, or those that illuminate an unexpected aspect of an ongoing change. Not all signals do end up coming to fruition, because the future is inherently uncertain. Signals help us to think in terms of multiple possible futures, to think more widely and creatively about the future and to anticipate unintended consequences.


The world around us is changing everyday in a blizzard of transient news headlines. But what are the deeper patterns and signals in the noise? What might they mean for how we live, create, consume, collaborate, and work? How are the deeper systems that we rely on shifting? Where might be the best places to intervene to accelerate change for sustainability? What might we be caught out by in the long term?

Live Research projects are designed to focus conversation on a specific challenge or question, engaging the platform’s global community and others in sharing thoughts, insights and perspectives on the issues that matter most.

Key deliverables

  • Strategic consultation on content organising principles
  • SEO strategy
  • Site architecture/map
  • Wireframes
  • UX and UI design
  • Fully developed and tested website with hosting
  • CMS with user guide documentation
  • Newsletter template (for Mailchimp)
  • Support in migrating selected archive content from the old FC platform