Visit the ING City
in Roblox

Client: ING


Powerbank is the only bank teens really respect. So, how to convince them that the traditional one with a branch office and a counter is all right, too? What's more – how to get them to come to the branch office? There’s no way. The branch office needs to come to them. That's why we opened a branch of ING Bank Śląski in the Roblox metaverse. We even went a few buildings further and built a whole city. ING City.


The players can wrap their heads around their first finances, which they can earn by finishing tasks: working in delivery service, cleaning the city and walking dogs. Then they can spend their earned Robuxes [Roblox world currency] on their character or even save some to buy an apartment. In this way they can not only have fun but also educate in finances. We hope some parents have already experienced positive effects of this education ;)


There is no banking without cards. A special series dedicated to young users includes five unique patterns with images of Polish gaming influencers: Farrell, Dżejdżejka, Yoshi, Cebulsonn and Miss Aga.